Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some good, bad, and sad news.

     It is incredibly encouraging for me to be able to leave you in my last post on this blog, with some encouraging news. A crucial amendment has been added to a devastating law. In 1959, Greece gave up their rights to persecute Nazis, which is sadly another reflection of the Anti-Semitism that seems to abound there. Alois Brunner of Syria reportedly led 50,000 Thessaloniki Jews to their death during the Holocaust. Now thanks to the law’s appeal, Brunner will be extradited if he is found alive, as will any others responsible for such atrocities. Most are no longer alive; however, as David Saltiel, the chairman of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, says, “This is more of a moral victory.” And so it is a small taste of victory and a step in the right direction for bringing peace to the Jews in Greece.

     On a less hopeful note, three months after the arson attacks on synagogues on the islands of Greece, which got my attention when I started writing this blog, arsonists have struck again. However, this time they hit a Muslim center on the island. This attack happened Friday. The center functions both as a Mosque and a Muslim office building. It is yet another reminder of the religious intolerance that still reigns in Greece.

      Over the course of this semester I have posted facts and bits of information I found interesting concerning Anti-Semitism and religion in Greece. My hope is that I have not in any way been unfair to the people of Greece. Greece is most definitely a breathtakingly beautiful country, and I would absolutely love to visit it someday. My interview with Alex, left me questioning whether I had made too big of a deal out of the issue in Greece, but I feel it is still an issue even if only 1 or 3 Jews in Greece experience persecution. In free countries, we promote equal rights for everyone. Therefore, it is absolutely disgraceful and unacceptable when anyone suffers for their beliefs here in the U.S. or in any country that considers itself to be fair, balanced, and liberated. My goal was to shed a light on the issue in the country of Greece; because, of the article I read about the arsonist attacks. I have enjoyed doing the research for my posts and would love to maintain it, but I know I will not have the time to do so over the summer. I also owe a huge thanks to all of you, who have taken the time to glance at this page, and an even bigger thanks to those of you who read my posts faithfully!

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